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  • Cheryl Lindeman

Dr. Cheryl Lindeman joins the Future Focus Foundation Board of Directors

The Future Focus Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Dr. Cheryl Lindeman as a new board member. Dr. Lindeman brings to the board a wealth of knowledge and experience related to STEM education in the Central Virginia region. A recently retired as a teacher educator at Randolph College, Lindeman currently serves as a STEM consultant. Her passion is helping students share and answer their questions about their environment through research. At the Jubilee Center, Dr. Lindeman developed an after-school Curiosity Club for elementary children. She is a former middle and high school science teacher in Central Virginia. As a founding faculty member of Central Virginia Governor’s School for Science and Technology, she developed science labs and established the school’s partnership program with area businesses and professional organizations. In addition to serving as the Director of the Central Virginia Regional Science Fair, Dr. Lindeman is a member of the Virginia Advisory Committee for the Education of Gifted.

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